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Stolen Lives /Украденная жизнь на англ.яз.

Stolen Lives /Украденная жизнь на англ.яз.

Stolen Lives /Ukradennaia zhizn' na angl.iaz.

Type : Book

SKU: KM239739
Stock No: 1048115
ISBN: 978-5-7974-0094-3

Pages: 125
Cover: Твердый переплет
Year: 2004
Publisher: Икар

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Краткая аннотация:

Three breath-taking non-fiction stories that you'll never forget.The Stolen Life of Okada Yoshiko.The untold story of how a courageous japanese actress survived in Stalin's Russia. In 1938 the japanese actress and former "star" of the silent film Okada Yoshiko illegally left Japan with the man she loved most of all Sugimoto Ryokich1. In a year and nine months Sugimoto was executed by shooting and Okada was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor..."...And Never the Twain Shall Meet...".In 1935 a Moscow-based correspondent of japanese newspaper fell madly in love with russian girl and made up his mind to "smuggle" her to Japan... in a trunk.Betrayal.In 1902 a young modest girl Maria Prove moved from Geneva to Russia hoping to get a goodjob. In this country she met her first love, got married and gave birth to a daughter. At theage of 52, basing on information against her, she was taken into custody at Lubianka prison,charged with espionage against the Soviet State and in six months was transported under guard to a distant Siberian prison camp (GULAG).

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